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Apr 24"Shorter showers? Nine more ways the state has to change its water ways " LA Times
Apr 9"AMA on water shortages in California or water-related problems anywhere in the world!" (3700+ upvotes) Reddit
Dec 17"On Water Scarcity"Revolve Water
Nov 11"Ask me anything about water, worldwide" (2,800+ upvotes) Reddit
Sep 9"The Water Wars: Conflicts over water sources continue to grow" [backup] Yahoo Canada
Jul 17"Ask me anything about water and drought in the Western US" (600+ upvotes) Reddit
Jul 16"Five things hippies get wrong about water" [backup] Angry Bear
Jun 14"Ethical Water: Canada Must Protect the Environment, Jobs, and Taxpayers" [backup] Water Canada
Mar 14"Unfair water rates hurt the poor" [backup] Zócalo Public Square
Mar 3"Water conservation's other benefit: It's a power saver" [backup] Los Angeles Times
Feb 20"Worried about the drought? Let farmers buy and sell water" Mavin's Notebook
Jan 8"Water, energy and the economy" [backup]Growing Blue blog
Jan"Money Makes the (Water) World Go Around" [pdf]Water and Wastewater International 27(6): 20-21
Dec"Performance insurance: rewarding managers for better service" [pdf]Water Utility Management International 7(4): 13-16
Oct"The SDCWA-Poseidon water purchase agreement does not serve the people of San Diego" [pdf]Surfrider Foundation
Aug 7"The value of water versus the price we pay" [backup]Growing Blue blog
Jul 16"How we should manage water but sometimes don't" [backup]Growing Blue blog
Jun 27"Water and the economy" [backup]Growing Blue blog
April"Using Auctions to Share Scarce Water" [backup]Solutions Journal 3(2)
Feb 9"We can no longer waste water like Romans" [backup]Water Quality and Security blog
Oct 14"Southern California's real water problem -- pricing" [backup]The San Diego Union Tribune
Sep"Global water tariffs continue upward trend" [backup]Global Water Intelligence 12(9): 35-40
Sep"Irrigation: Not as wasteful as it seems" [pdf]Water Canada: 28-30
Jul 11"Regulation: an acceptable cost for frackers" [backup]Petroleum Economist
Nov 22"Do smaller water footprints lead to bigger profits?" [backup]The Guardian Sustainable Business blog
Oct 18"Addicted to Misery" [backup]aidwatchers blog
Jul 25"Water Rights and Human Rights: The Poor Will Not Need Our Charity if We Need Their Water" [backup]Global Water Program 1(1)
April"Water Rights and Human Rights" [backup]Forbes 185(6): 24
May/Jun"Can we rely on technology to guarantee future water resources?" [pdf]Canadian Water Treatment
May"Market profile: California's Water Crisis" [pdf]Global Water Intelligence 10(5): 29-32
Sep 11"Oil and Water" [backup]Freakonomics blog
Sep 9"The Economics of Clean Water" [backup]Freakonomics blog
Aug 15"Water in Iraq" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
Aug 15"Rich and Clean" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
Aug 14"Food or Subdivision?" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
Aug 13"Conversation with My Dad (part two)" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
Aug 12"Resources and Population" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
Aug 11"Coase in Action" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
Jul 15"The Water Shortage Myth" [backup]Forbes
May 30"A Pause for Thought" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
May 29"Was Julian Simon Right about the Wrong Thing?" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
May 28"Who's Your Daddy?" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
May 27"Drive Less?" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
May 26"Investing in Water" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
May 26"Water Wars" [backup]Environmental Economics blog
Oct"Free Trade Can Be Fair Trade" [pdf]Natural Choices: The Davis Co-op Newsletter
Apr"Free Trade Can Be Fair Trade" [pdf]Global View