Kill Your Status Quo

Graduate School

I graduated from the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics at UC Davis on April 24, 2008. My advisers were Richard J. Sexton (Chair), Stephen R. Boucher, Richard E. Howitt and Stephan Kroll.

Dissertation: Zetland, David (2008). Conflict and Cooperation within an Organization: A Case Study of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. PhD Dissertation, University of California, Davis (Agricultural & Resource Economics). Published on SSRN [free pdf] and by VDM Verlag [$90 book]. Publications derived from this dissertation come from chapter 2, chapter 5 [pdf] and chapter 7 [pdf].
   Erratum: On page 30 I say that the CRA was designed with a 1,500 cfs capacity. It was built at a 600 cfs capacity and expanded to 1,800 cfs (1.3 maf) in the 1950s.

Some details

Making of a PhD is a series of emails that I sent to people on my progress from Oct 2002 to April 2008 [pdf version]

How to use LaTeX

I bought a BMW 635CSi -- 20 years and 200,000 miles old -- for my 38th birthday (and sold it 18 months later). Got a 323is and love it

I did woodworking

Willard W. Cochrane, a 90-year-old Professor Emeritus, spoke wisdom (to me) on the Future of Agricultural Economics

On Aug 16, 2005, I threw a party after passing my orals

I got Taz. He was born about September 2004. He moved in with the girl next door. He died at a young age :(

On Sept 10, 2004, I threw a party to celebrate passing prelims