Kill Your Status Quo

Aslihan and I went to Paris and Amsterdam for Winter break, 2004.

In the 15 days that we were there, I had jet lag for 13, drank great wine a lot and just walked around and enjoyed "culture." Ahhhh... so good to be back among people who appreciate....

Good Cheese


Proper Pastry


Getting around in Style!


Housing with human proportions


That fancy buildings are good backdrops for kids skating


That fireworks should be a little dangerous


But definitely are better with music!


They are VERY aware of sex (and do well with it). Useful for my research!


But sometimes have a clash of taste with imported cultures.


It seems that the majority get along though.


We certainly had a good time!


Time went slowly, but with style.


Fortunately, we didn't get the Tourist Treatment (except a few bad coffees)


We visited La Notre Dame - nice place!


Lighting is also very cool!


Outside too!


The people were interesting.


Some were obviously tourists


Others obviously were NOT!


The local homeless celebrated Christmas in their own way


The lovers ignored it all.


Does European style come from their buildings or vice-versa?


I don't know - it seems to be so close to the surface - humanity.


To me - it's endlessly amusing and heartening.


Natural balance...



....the irony (bike repair and porn)...


...the beauty...


...and the luxury.


Such balance!


I did research, of course, on drugs...


... and other illegal activities. Great environment!


Yes - it was a great holiday (Me, Aslihan, Onur and Resmiye (Aslihan's sister))


Happy New Year!!