Kill Your Status Quo

I went to El Salvador and Peru for five weeks in the summer of 2004. 

In El Salvador, they have churches and the NGOs do not like economists.


In Lima, they have devils and bad cats!

At the fiestas, they eat pig...

... and sometimes drink too much (friendly police are always there to help).

There are beautiful mountains and lakes (Lago Churrup, ~4500m),

and children looking for sweets;

fabulous mountains with the remnants of dead horses,

and people who like fresh food.

They sell babies (lambs) in the markets,

and evil coca (the weapon of mass disruption).

Luckily, there is always someone to make you laugh,

or run with fear!

Fear?  Laugh?

Fabulous and beautiful Cuzco/Cusco/Qosqo attracts tourists

and Mafia alike...

The Incas had fabulous recreational facilities,

but getting on top of their mountains is quite some work (or money!)

My one scientific discovery on this expedition is that the ancient Incas came from Australia.
It is obvious that they worshipped the koala!

Back to work!